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Facilitator of Sacred Cacao ~ Plant Medicine Journeys

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Holding space in Art Galleries and Yoga Studios.

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KEITHS CACAO - The worlds finest ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala. 

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- Keiths Cacao POWER OR NOW practitioner facilitation training with Nicole Gnutzman
- Level 1 & 2 Alchemical Artistry Self Mastery facilitation training program with Annabelle Hart 

What is ceremony?

A ceremony is a unified ritualistic event with a purpose, usually consisting of a number of artistic components, performed on a special occasion. It is a conscious act of connecting to the vast web of life. We express gratitude for this connection as we partner with all our relations and move into deep communion, finding our common union, with Nature Consciousness.

My intention as the facilitator is to hold a safe and sacred space for the nourishment of the participants, and to carry my embodied wisdom into our field on a physical, emotional, energetic, psychological, relational, ancestral, and collective field.

Ceremony applies two key principles: sacred reciprocity, to live in right relationship with nature...and Love, centring our consciousness in acceptance and appreciation for all of creation. 

What is Cacao? 


Cacao comes from the Theobroma Cacao Tree, which literally translates to ‘Food of the Gods’. Cacao has its propagated origins at Lake Atitilan, Guatemala. Criollo ‘Native’ beans grown in ancient rainforests, prepared and stone ground in the traditional way, with ethical principles to ensure full potency and clean energy.The ‘spirit of cacao’ is a powerful FORCE. She is the ‘Divine Mother’ and works with heart-centred-connection, compassion, and nourishment to respectfully shift states of consciousness.Cacao will show the tenderness to form us, guide us, transform us. Respect the spirit of cacao. Receive with your heart and connection of mind towards the sacred, towards the medicine.

- Meditation
- Breathwork 
- Slow Flow Asana 
-  Yin / Restorative Yoga 
- Yoga Nidra 
- Pranayama 
- Journalling 
- Sharing circles 
- Nature Immersions 

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