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Yoga Teacher


Bringing compassionate resonance into Yoga classes, with an extra attention towards creating meaningful relationships with community and individuals experience. With an established personal practice for 10 years and teaching for 6 years, my teaching and facilitating is enriched through constant learning, inspired by various trainings across Australia and internationally.


200 + Certified training in SOMACHI (Vinyasa, Somatic Qi) 

150 + Certified training in RESTORATIVE practice, YOGA NIDRA, trauma informed yoga 

100 + Certified training in YIN yoga 


My classes are an immersion into the true essence of yoga - beyond form - towards a centred and balance state of being. 


Immerse yourself with the deep heart in a private ceremony ~ YOGA & CEREMONIAL CACAO Journey

YIN/ Restorative Yoga/ BREATHWORK (pranayama)/ Sound Journey 

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