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Artist CV


2020 – 2022 - Masters of Museum Studies, University of Queensland 

2013 – 2015 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Queensland College of Art

2022 - Alchemical Artistry Facilitator Training (Cacao Ceremony Facilitation) 

2019 - Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training 

2016 - Somachi Institute of Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training 

Professional Experience 

2021 - 2022 - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - Visitor Services Officer

2021 - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - Digitisation Officer

2021 - 2023 - Alceme Yoga Studio - Yoga Teacher 

2022 - Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania - Gallery Installations 

2019 – 2020 - Griffith University Art Museum - Gallery Installations 

2016 – 2018 - Museum of Old and New Art - Gallery Vigilance 

Prizes / Awards/ Scholarships 

2022 - Old Girls Association Somerville House Finalist

2021 - Old Girls Association Somerville House Finalist 

2015 - The Laundry National Emerging Art Prize, Gas Leek Exhibition 

Solo Exhibitions 

2023 - Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Social, Embodied Cultures 

2022 - Vacant Assembly, Embodied Encounter 


Group Exhibitions 

2023 Southerm Summer, Wild Island Tasmania

2023 Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Gather Together, Hobart 

2020 Burn Arts Corporation, Qld Regional Burn, Modifyre 

2018 Visual Bulk, Mother Tasmania Performance 

2015 Queensland College of Art Showcase, South Brisbane Studios 

2015 Falmouth College of Art, Independent Short Film Festival 



My vision is to bring a sense of cultural regeneration for my people. This involves shifting the ecological, social and cultural perspectives in relation to our connection to Earth. In my experience through practice and research, a connection to wellbeing and creative expression has given the my being the greatest spiritual integrity and agency towards building social, cultural and environmental ecosystems that sustain communities. 

I love to create, write, research and educate communities on the practices and philosophies of yoga. 

All of my work is driven to deepen  our relationship to the Earth through embodiment practices; ceremonies, rituals, art creations and experiential engagement activities that deepen the connection between PEOPLE and CULTURE. I wish to create an impact which helps to embed our connection to country and community through educating on the benefits of somatic, visionary, ceremonial and embodied arts and movement practice.

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 8.50.31 am.png


My work renews a sense of CO-CREATION, animacy and reciprocity with earth, our bodies, our community. 

I am passionate about the power of education, and therefore take learning as essential for my people to see beyond their current reality and into their future potential relationship with the earth, and in turn, to themselves and their community. My areas of speciality consider how spirituality and embodied cultural practices (art as ritual), engender key values in wholistic health, ecological reciprocity, community participation and co-creation. I value the integration of these key spiritual learning concepts into museums and cultural collections, and into the education system. 

I encourage a return to relationship to source, which drives inspiration and individual and communal purpose, creating a greater spaciousness for self-care, ecological and environmental care, and community wellbeing practices. Those who learn to connect deeply with their roots, come into close relationship to Earth, and therefore create positive change for our cultures. Embodied cultures and solid education foundations in the root of culture is essential for individual, community and national wealth and health codes. 

These codes are based on a return to Indigenous concepts of reciprocity, animacy, love and heart centred connection and appreciation for all of creation. 

Rachael Tanner_Vitruvian Woman_2019_Oil Painting_165x165_edited.jpg


All of my art works speak to the ritual and transcendental communion with Earth and with cosmic energies, which essentially return SOURCE energy into my vital being. The embodied process of communing with nature in this way, is my ability to share this KNOWLEDGE with my community. This is what embodied or TACIT knowledge is, and is my primary means of communicating and educating about the cultural value of spiritual practice. 

All of my arts and yoga teachings are grounded in dense research in cultural and heritage values on transcultural memories and cultural ethnographies. My work is in itself an ethnographic practice and RELATIONSHIP to place (subject to presence). I look into material cultures and the origins of man, life, earth, curiosity and our relationship between form and meaning through artefacts and ideas. I create anthropologic art that goes beyond aesthetics, and speaks about transformation and integration of temple cultures and rituals into contemporary society and how this affects the wellbeing of communities. 

I look through the lens of education, and consider how knowledge and the power of knowledge is shaping community and engagement, narrativity and mythology. Ultimately I am an educator, communicator, creative artist, museologist, yogi, indigenous wisdoms advocate, mystic, and health ambassador. I am a vital being, bringing compassionate and heart felt resources to my community through yoga and the arts. 

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